Edinburgh & Scotland

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This vibrant capital city boasts a wealth of visitor attractions both traditional and modern, from castles to art galleries and museums to historic monuments.

The world famous Old Town has been awarded world heritage status. Nowhere else can you find such a fine concentration of historic and cultural landmarks, including Edinburgh Castle – the jewel in the crown.
The city of Edinburgh is a gateway to the stunning countryside, beautiful mountains, lochs and glens for which Scotland is renowned.

Edinburgh Castle Dating back to the 12th Century and housing the Scottish crown jewels, this famous castle stands on an extinct volcano. It dominates the centre of Edinburgh to create one of the most impressive cityscapes in the world.

The Royal Mile The Royal Mile is Edinburgh’s oldest street and runs from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace. There are many places to visit on the Royal Mile such as St Giles’ Cathedral, The Witches’ Well, Parliament Square, Mary King’s Close, John Knox’s House and The Camera Obscura.

Stirling Castle Dominating the landscape above the River Forth, historically whoever controlled Stirling controlled Scotland as it was the gateway to the Highlands and the Lowlands. In 1314 Robert the Bruce won the battle of Bannockburn in the shadow of Stirling Castle which gave Scotland its independence from England.

St AndrewsThis fascinating and historic town played a major role in the religious life of Scotland’s medieval past, with a cathedral dating back to 1160. St Andrews is also renowned for its golf courses and, in particular, the Old Course which is the most famous golf course in the world.

Scottish Lochs Scotland has many famous Lochs which are steeped in rich history. These include Loch Ness which is famous for its sightings of “Nessie” the Loch Ness monster, Loch Lomond for its romantic and picturesque scenery and Loch Leven for its connection with Mary Queen of Scots.