Say hello to our new 2019 brochure

Our FCLC Edinburgh summer 2019 digital brochure has arrived and is available for you to view right here. We are so excited about sharing our new brochure with you and the world that you can now download it on to your computer or tablet to view later or share it on your favourite social media platforms at the click of a button.

You’ve seen our brochure so why not look a little further as on this page and view our FCLC Edinburgh showreel. we hope you like what you see.


Now that you have enjoyed the brochure, it’s now time to take a look at the FCLC Edinburgh show reel. All the images within the showreel were taken over a number of summers to give you a real feel for life at FCLC Edinburgh. The show reel demonstrates the diversity of our programme, highlighting many of the exciting elements which, in the end, all come together to give you FCLC Edinburgh. Click on the image below.