Our cultural programme consists of a variety of sports and projects, evening activities and weekend excursions giving our students many opportunities to develop their confidence in speaking English as well as experiencing Scotland’s rich culture and history.



On Monday afternoons, students can choose from a variety of exciting team or group sports or activities which are all held on our campus at Fettes College. Students can choose from a wide range of sports which may include football, tennis, basketball, badminton, table tennis, rounders, dodge ball, dance and Frisbee football. There are certainly plenty of opportunities to keep our students active.

At FCLC everyone is included, so for those that cannot or do not wish to participate in sports, we also offer a variety of arts & crafts activities to ensure that everyone can feel part of something.


On one afternoon each week, when students are not on an academic excursion with their teacher, they will take part in an exciting project workshop of their choice with our team on or off campus. Examples may include Drama, Arts & Crafts, Science & Technology and Multi-media workshops. These projects are designed to inspire and engage our students’ creative flair.

Each project will produce something that can be worn, demonstrated, displayed, listened to or looked at such as tie dye t-shirts, dance routines, decorations for our themed evening or multi-media shows for our graduation ceremonies.


In the evenings, students come together to relax and enjoy either a whole-school event or a house activity. Our carefully thought- out whole-school events are exciting and great fun for all, while our house events are more relaxed and allow students to unwind and get to know other students who they are living with.

Whole-school events may include Scottish evenings, themed discos, ceilidhs, fashion trashion shows, Mr and 
Ms Fettes, talent shows, the hugely popular “Capture the Flag” and
 our Fettes College ghost tour.

House evenings are tailored to the needs of students in each house and can allow them to prepare for the talent show, play football or relax in the company of new friends.


There are so many wonderful things to see and do in and around Edinburgh that it 
is impossible for us to show you them all. Therefore, we choose the excursions based on our weekly themes, which form part of the academic programme. Past examples include Glasgow, St Andrews, North Berwick, Stirling and Rosslyn chapel

As our excursions are planned in advance and our academic and cultural programmes are so highly linked, unfortunately it is not possible to change the planned excursions for individual groups.

On Friday afternoons, after the graduation ceremony, our students will have free time to go shopping or visit one of Edinburgh’s many attractions with their group leader.