Afternoon Projects

This week saw our students take part in an arts project where by they made some funky coloured t-shirts! GROOOOOOOOVY!

Goodbye – We hope you had fun.

After the graduation ceremony, our students take the time to have their photo taken outside the main Fettes building before heading into Edinburgh city centre for one last shopping trip

Dining At FCLC Edinburgh

Meals at FCLC Edinburgh are fantastic and this year is no exception. Did you know that in our peaks weeks we can serve up to 5250 meals a week. That's

FCLC Edinburgh – Scottish Evening

FCLC's Scottish Evening gives our Students the opportunity to sample some of Scotlands foods and culture, not to mention taking part in a traditional Scottish ceilidh. All on our amazing

Weekend Excursion – St Andrews

Scotland has many amazing destinations to visit. Steeped in history, our students took to the road and visited St Andrews last weekend as part of our exciting programme. The sun