what’s all the fuss about

Our programme is specifically designed to keep our students active, safe and motivated at all times whilst promoting as many learning opportunities as possible.  Students also interact with their teacher in and out of the classroom and on two afternoons per week can enjoy our academic excursions within Edinburgh.

Our fun & motivating programme 

Our experience tells us that students are more likely to learn when motivated and enjoying what they are doing. That is why we offer such a wide and varied range of activities, excursions, projects and workshops within our fully integrated programme. In this environment it is amazing how much our students language can develop and it is also wonderful to see how their confidence in using English grows every day.

We pride ourselves on being a listening organisation and take the thoughts and comments of our students, staff and clients very seriously. Collaborating with our students throughout their time here means that we are also learning on a daily basis how we can improve the programme that we offer.